The Best Mobile
Video Platform


Who are we?

Pub-i is a free mobile SSP and monetization platform that empowers mobile publishers,
supercharges their ad revenue through mobile video ads, and supports them with unrivaled
customer service for a triple win.

Pub-i Ad Mediation

The Most Ad Networks

Plug into 35+ different ad networks via API, SDK, or even tags.

Real-Time Reporting

View in-depth analytics in real-time for a comprehensive view of performance.

Best-In-Class Support

You have a team of mobile experts at your fingertips to guarantee success.

Get the highest yielding ad formats, the best ad sources, and innovative technology that ensures you minimize wasted impressions.


Pub-iMarket Ad Exchange

Get instant access to ad campaigns from leading ad networks, DSPs, and ad agencies with a single integration.

Boost CPMs With Video Ads

Video CPMs are an average of 900% higher.

Get Access To World Class Brand Advertisers

Integrate ads from the world’s top brands.

– all paying on a CPM, and non-performance basis

Reduce Complexity

Pub-iMarket makes working with 100s of ad networks easy.

Maximize Your
Mobile Revenue

Creating great content and building
great apps is expensive.

Building a business is hard. Monetizing your users shouldn’t be! Spend your precious time building your apps, and let Pub-i take the pain out of mobile advertising.

Pub-i is the most powerful monetization solution for mobile publishers. Through our easy to use publisher platform you get access to our mediation platform as well as global demand in the Pub-iMarket ad exchange.


Pub-i Mediation

Our best-in-class mediation platform was built to give you full control with all the tools you need to ensure you maximize ad revenue. Work with as many ad networks as you’d like, allocate inventory based on priority or price, and let our optimization technology ensure you never waste valuable impressions.


Pub-iMarket Ad Exchange

Get instant access to ad campaigns from leading ad networks, DSPs, and agencies with a single integration. With Pub-iMarket, you can put the high paying CPMs of mobile video ads to work for you! With an auction held for each impression, we ensure you get paid the highest CPM for each available ad. We’re here to help you earn more!

Pub-i IS Mobile Video at Scale




With thousands of publishers, and billions of impressions per month, Pub-i has the scale you need!




You won’t find the same old inventory at Pub-i! Our team has established unique relationships with publishers of all shapes and sizes – bringing unique inventory to the market for advertisers.




Get granular with your campaigns, targeting users by lat/long (GEO), device ID, age, gender, and much more! All Pub-i inventory is categorized into channels to make purchasing specific segments a breeze.




Our campaigns are all about driving engagement. Whether you’re looking for clicks, video views, or app installs, Pub-i has the inventory, technology, and tools to help your campaign succeed.



Global Reach

Our publishers are from all over the world, and so are their users. Need quality inventory in Russia? Or maybe you need to find female users in Turkey? We’ve got you covered!


RTB Enabled

With RTB, you can purchase Pub-i inventory effortlessly! We are excited to offer mobile banner, interstitial, and mobile video inventory via OpenRTB protocol.